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About Warren Gomberg

Warren Gomberg

Warren actually purchased his first piece of real estate while still a college student.  After graduation he worked in many different areas of the mortgage and commercial real estate industry including commercial real estate broker, commercial real estate loan officer, and residential real estate loan officer.   

In 1998 he founded Gomberg Financial Services as a commercial mortgage broker.  In 2006 the company became a direct lender through a Fannie Mae correspondent program and over the next few years funded over 150 Fannie Mae commercial loans.  Since its founding Gomberg Financial Services has originated over 450 closed commercial loans.  Warren's vision for the company is to provide personal, timely and expert service.  During his 35 years in the industry he has built a reputation of integrity and proficiency.

In addition to providing/arranging commercial mortgages Warren also offers consultant services.  He recently worked with a client to refinance three apartment buildings in Lynn MA with a Fannie Mae lender.  Warren reviewed all loan documents and helped negotiate more favorable terms on several issues such as pre-payment penalty and required holdbacks/escrows.   Warren's underwriter also assisted the borrowing in preparing his loan application financial package.

Gomberg Financial Services also recently acted as a Financial Advisor in helping the buyer and seller negotiate a purchase transaction of a Worcester MA Mill complex.   The subject property contains over 300,000 square feet and has been approved for the development of 191 residential units.  The project has received preliminary approval from both the Federal and State National Landmark Registration Office.

Warren has owned and managed commercial real estate since 1985.  His current portfolio includes apartments in Gloucester and Marblehead MA.  He also recently sold his long time ownership interest in a downtown Boston retail complex on Peterborough St. also know as "Restaurant Row".  His Gloucester apartment buildings were purchased in 2010 as distress sales.  He has renovated all of the units and cleaned up the tenancy. He is now operating at 100% occupancy.