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Financing Information
Gomberg Financial Services specializes in financing all types of investment properties. Since our founding in June of 1998 we have closed over 450 Commercial Real Estate loans. At one point we had a correspondent relationship with LaSalle Bank of Chicago. This relationship allowed us to operate as a commercial lender using their Fannie Mae platform. We have closed over 150 Fannie Mae commercial loans.


Hedge Fund 10-yr Fixed Loan Program - Available Nationwide

This program is very good for properties that are in transition and have high vacancy rates that most banks will not finance. The interest rates are currently in the mid 5's. This program will also consider borrowers who have less than stellar credit on a case by case basis with more flexibility than traditional lenders. Loan amounts for $750K up to $10M

These loans are non-recourse and available to foreign nationals. Available in cities/metroplitan centers with populations of 200,000 and up. No seasoning required. 75% maximum LTV. Lender par pricing.

Freddie Mac Small Loan Program - Available Nationwide

This nationwide loan program is now the best option to finance apartment buildings and some mixed-use buildings. You can now use up to 40% of the commercial income to qualify. No escrow reserves required.

The 7-year fixed rate is currently between 3.6-3.8% in major markets. Up to 80% LTV for purchases with reasonable closing costs. There is a sliding prepayment penalty (no yield maintenance like FNMA) and a 30-year amortization.

The property has to be stabilized and in good condition. 680 FICO score required. Lender par pricing.

CMBS - Available Nationwide

Wall Street CMBS loans offer excellent financing for all types of multi-tenant investment properties. Available nationwide with lender par pricing.

For properties with current vacancies you can use the income as soon as the lease is signed. You can also leverage up using preferred equity if you need to.

Most loans are 10-year notes with non-recourse terms. Multiple properties in different location can be blanketed into one loan. Interest rates are currently in the mid 4's. Medium credit requirements are considered on a case by case basis. You can build in earn-outs if the cash flow works (8-9% current debt yield on most property types).

Hedge Fund B Lenders - Available Nationwide

These lenders fill the void if you can't get financing from a local bank. High vacancies, medium credit requirements, stated income and foreign nationals okay.

Available for all types of multi-tenant properties, including clusters of 1-4 family properties. Usually lower LTV with interest rates in the 6-8% range. Available nationwide.