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Hedge Fund Permanent Program
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Hedge Fund Bridge Loan Program

Excellent product for Apartments, Office/Retail, Industrial and Self-storage.

Loan amounts from $1M to $10M - Interest rates from the low 6's to the high 7's

Max LTV is 65% "as is", 60% Stabilized, 75% Loan to Cost - 2-3 year fixed term

Borrower credit not as important as type of market, LTV, borrower experience and borrower financial strength.

Low occupancies acceptable with compensating factors, i.e. DCR on distressed properties below 1.0

Lender charges one point in, one point out - Recourse terms - Foreign Nationals OK


Since it's founding in June of 1998 Gomberg Financial Services has originated over 450 commercial loans.

If you would like more information on any of our commercial loan programs, please contact our office by phone (781-631-7929) or send us an email.